Dead Space

I just finished playing Dead Space for PS3. Did it come out in 2008? Sure, but I only paid $20 for it, so I don’t mind playing games after they’ve been out for a hot minute.

Dead Space, is sort of like Aliens meets meets Even Horizon. It’s a very slick game. It’s pretty much scarier than any horror movie you’ll ever see.

It’s also pretty gory and disgusting. But that’s part of what makes it so great. Another element I found enjoyable was that the protagonist, Isaac, is an engineer by trade, not a space marine. The weapons he uses are more work tool oriented than the old doom rocket launcher or BFG 9000. Space is also scary as hell, and Visceral Games has done a splendid job exploitation this.

I you’d like a good scare and a bloodbath, pick this game up! Look for Dead Space 2 next January.

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Despite not having responded to Dave’s post about Nicholas Cage… (ok.. he’s not a bad actor.. granted he has the same mannerisms and same tone of voice in pretty much every movies, he makes good movies and he’s not the only actor to suffer from using the same acting formula in every movie)…

I am super excited to see Inception. From everything I have read about its opening, it sounds like a very interesting stereogram… similar to the Japanese animated films Perfect Blue and Millennium Actress.

Will try to see it tonight and will be posting soon after! 😀

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Nic Cage cannot act

One thing we disagree on is Nic Cage’s acting credentials.

2 words, 3 syllables.

Wicker Man

– Dave

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Hello world!

Welcome everybody to The Media Review Blog. As an avid movie and literature buff, I have come to really love my taste in movies, books, graphic novels and pretty much anything I can develop an artsy opinion about. I thought to myself one day, “I have great opinions on these topics that I should start a blog and share them with the world!”

Of course, the recipient of these opinions to date has been my partner, Dave — who doesn’t exactly agree with my great opinions (because he’s obviously wrong, WRONG!).  In fact, he often rolls his eyes at my self-proclaimed rightness (how rude…) and nods his head in passive agreement (well he obviously agrees with me, I have awesome opinions).

Actually, Dave has some really good rebuttals to my point of view as well. That’s why I will be joined by him in this back and forth battle of opinions. Each week I will be lead with a post to which Dave will respond. You are welcome to leave your remarks and decide who you agree with, or if you agree with either of us at all.

Cheers everybody and come back soon for our first post.

If I had to describe Jolie in terms of a movie character ( keeping within the media theme), she would definitely be “Princess Yuki” from Akira Kurosawa’s masterpiece that inspired the original Star Wars. She is described as stubborn and strong-willed; “If you say go left, she’ll go right.” That would be Jolie. So I’m sure we’ll get into some lively debates.

– Dave

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